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7Across Membership

Q1 - How do I join?

Joining 7Across is easy, all you need to do is click on the link at the end of this answer, enter your personal details (address and phone number) the details of the holiday property you own (we’ll need this to verify you’re eligible to join) and that’s it. There’s NO FEEs, no commitment to deposit your property with us before you sign up, and once you’ve submitted your details, your membership starts immediately so you’ll be able to see our online availability within minutes.

Reasons to join:

  • FREE Membership
  • No annual membership fees, guest fees or seasonal surcharges
  • No commitment to deposit your holiday property when you join
  • Bank a week for up to three years
  • Immediate access to online availability
  • FREE custom request and match service
  • Book with confidence with Cancellation Protection
  • Book and confirm instantly

Click here to join for FREE online now.

Q2. I am already a member of another exchange company, can I still use 7Across?

Yes, you are free to choose which ever company can best help you. You can become a member with us and still keep your other memberships.

Please make sure that any week you deposit with 7Across is not already banked with another exchange company. You cannot bank it twice! Sometimes, if they have not already taken your banked week, other exchange companies may return that week to you allowing you to bank it with us.

Q3. I own points in a timeshare holiday club. Can I still use the 7Across service?

Yes, but you must convert your points into a week through your points club, and then deposit that week with 7Across. RCI points club owners and Diamond International point’s club owners are not able to do this, but are still welcome as members of 7Across.

Q4. Do I have to deposit my property/week when I join?

No, you can wait until we satisfy your request for an exchange before depositing your week if you wish. You can join 7Across at any time without making a deposit. You can deposit your week at any time (providing it’s at least 4 weeks prior the check in date) as soon as you have decided that you will not be using that week yourself. You then get a 3 year exchange credit.

Q5. I own a cottage in the UK. Can I use it to exchange into a timeshare in Spain?

Yes, timeshare weeks and weeks in wholly owned property are interchangeable in the 7Across system. You are the customer, so you have the choice as to the type of accommodation you exchange into.

Q6. I don’t own a holiday home or a timeshare. Can I still join 7Across?

No 7Across membership is open only to people who own timeshare, holiday rental property or a managed second home, all of which have to be available for holiday occupancy in one week periods.
The family and friends of members of 7Across may take weeks from the system only with the permission of an existing member and by quoting that member’s membership number.

Q7. How do I cancel my membership?

As membership to 7Across is free there’s no need to cancel your membership. If you’re no longer a holiday property owner you can still take advantage of our Bonus Weeks and Rental opportunities.

If however you would still like to cancel your membership please contact info.europe@7Across.com with your membership details (please note this email address is not constantly monitored) and your membership will be removed.

Q8. How do I update my Address/Ownership/Contact details?

If you would like to amend your contact details or mailing preferences simply log in and click here.

If you wish to amend your ownership, please contact the office on +44 (0)345 608 6375 or email info.europe@7Across.com (please note this email isn’t constantly monitored).


Problems logging in

Q1. I have forgotten or mislaid my membership number or password. How do I log in?

Please click here, fill in your details and you will be sent an email with your membership number and password.
Please note, if you have registered your email address with more than one account or the message ‘We found your email address against multiple accounts. We will contact you shortly to advise.’ appears we’ll get back to you in due course during office hours.

Q2. I have the correct details but I can’t log in.

If you’re having problems logging in, please click here and follow the tips to aid you to log in.



Q1. What is an exchange?

An exchange is the process of taking a week that you own within your own holiday resort or property, and depositing it in to the 7Across exchange system. Once deposited you’ll receive a credit for your week to ‘exchange’ for any other week that is currently available within the 7Across exchange system for a low cost exchange fee* (see answer to Q3).

Q2. How do I exchange?

The exchange process is easy. Deposit your week with us, you can either do it online here or ring us on +44 (0)345 608 6375. Once we’ve confirmed your week’s ownership and that there is no outstanding management fees you’ll receive a ‘credit’ to use within our exchange system. Once your account has been updated with your credit you can use that 1 credit as payment plus the low exchange fee* for any of our currently available holiday exchanges.

Q3. How much does an exchange cost?

£99.00* for a short haul exchange, £99.00* for a long haul.

* Studio upgrade, seasonal and utility fees may apply (see below for fees)

Q4. Are there any other costs?

Only if you wish to exchange from a studio to a bigger property, or if you own a holiday property during the off season and wish to exchange to the high season.

Studio Upgrade fees.
Studio owners wishing to upgrade into a larger sized apartment must pay a Studio Upgrade fee.

  • To exchange into a one bedroom property = £25.00 upgrade fee per exchange.
  • To exchange into a two or more bedroom property = £50.00 upgrade fee per exchange.

There is NO fee for members that want to exchange from a Studio in to another Studio within the same seasonal timeframe.

Q5. What happens if I cancel my exchange after I have paid for it?

You will lose the exchange fee you paid for your holiday and also the exchange credit you used to book.

With Cancellation Protection, should you need to cancel, your credit will be reinstated to its original expiration date and your fee will be credited back onto your membership account to use against a future booking.

Each Cancellation Protection purchase is valid for one exchange only and can be added during the booking and checkout process. You also have up to 30 days after booking to add it to your reservation.

For more information, Click here.

Q6. I’ve made my exchange what happens now?

Once confirmed, the details regarding your exchange will be sent to you via your preference of communication. If you opt for email, please make sure you check your junk folders/spam filters before contacting us in regards to non-delivery.

Q7. I’ve searched exchange availability but can’t see the week I want.

As the majority of our members make Holiday Requests, when a week is deposited within a popular area it is matched to a member’s request, meaning it only appears on the website very briefly until it's matched. If a Gold Advantage member has made a request and it's matched, then the week won't appear at all. Therefore the website only shows a small amount of the weeks we receive at 7Across at anyone time. 

Q8. Do you have any restrictions on what I can take out of your system?

No. Any week in gets any week out. That means that you can use your credit to take any week in any property at any time of year in any location, assuming that it is available through the 7Across system i.e. someone else has deposited it.
This applies to both timeshare units and to private holiday rental properties. You can deposit one and take the other if you wish. Please note, upgrade fees may apply, click here for details or see Q4 above

Q9. Can you guarantee standards of accommodation?

Most timeshare resorts are to a high standard, however there is still variation of quality from resort to resort and country to country. At 7Across, we do not attempt to offer like for like. The choice of which resort to take in exchange, including the time of year and the unit size, is entirely up to you, the customer. This gives you the maximum choice without the artificial “like for like” restrictions which other timeshare exchange companies impose.

Private holiday rental properties vary in standard enormously. A rustic gite in the French countryside will obviously be of a completely different standard to a luxury condominium in Florida. It is up to you, the member, to choose the kind of exchange holiday accommodation that suits you best. We provide the name and contact details of the property owner on confirmation, to enable you to satisfy yourself that the property is right for you. In the highly unlikely event of the owner failing to maintain the holiday property to a good standard, then the property and the owner will be removed from our lists.

Q10. Can I get my week back for my own use, after I have deposited it with 7Across?

When you bank a week into the 7Across system, you are ceding your rights of occupancy for that week to 7Across Ltd. However, if we have not found an exchange customer for your banked week, and you ask for it back, we will normally return that week to you, assuming that you have not used the credit given to you for that week.

Banked weeks are often taken within hours of your deposit, so please check with us FIRST before assuming your deposited week is vacant.

Q11. Will you automatically take my banked week every year?

No. Although we may contact you to ask if you will be using your week, you need to tell us each time you wish to bank your week.

Q12. Can I deposit my own home for exchange? / I want to exchange my own home for a holiday in someone else’s home. Can 7Across help me?

No, 7Across deals only in weeks in holiday homes. There has to be a local property manager available during the guest’s holiday to attend to any problems that customer may have.

The weeks deposited into the 7Across system have to be weeks in timeshare resorts, holiday rental properties, or managed second homes. We do not accept weeks in people’s own homes.

Q13. Is there a minimum standard for private holiday homes?

Most properties whose owners deposit weeks into the 7Across system have a high standard of internal comfort and are in wonderful holiday locations. We have the following minimum standards.

To be accepted into the 7Across system your property must be entirely self-contained. (No facilities inside the property shared with anyone else). It must contain a kitchen suitable for preparing meals and obviously a private internal bathroom. It must be in a pleasant location in an area where people normally take pleasurable holidays. It must have a reliable local property manager, to attend to any problems that may occur during the guest’s stay.

It must be thoroughly cleaned prior to the exchange guest’s arrival, and be presented in a warm and comfortable condition. Acceptance of any week deposited in any property is entirely at the discretion of 7Across.

Q14. I own a Gold Crown red week. Do I get the same out?

Only if you want to restrict your choice enormously. At 7Across, a week is a week, no matter what time of year, no matter what standard of resort. One week in gets one week out. It is up to you, to select the week and the property that suits you best.

Remember, the words “gold crown” and “red week” are used by the timeshare industry to sell you more expensive weeks. We at 7Across do not use these marketing terms, however we will do our very best to fulfil your exchange requirements.

Q15. I own a red week, does that entitle me to a double credit?

No, Unless the week you are depositing falls into one of the locations and periods listed below as high season.

Q16. How do I get a double credit for a high season week?

When you deposit a week in a two bedroom (or larger) property in high season, provided that is banked at least eight weeks prior to check-in, you will receive two credits instead of one. This is to encourage deposits when we have greatest demand for exchange weeks from our members. You cannot use your “double credits” to take out two weeks in high season, but you can use them for one week in high season and one week at any other time of year.

Europe: the last full week of July and up to and including the last full week of August.

Q17. Can I make last minute deposits?

We require a minimum of 4 weeks notice, i.e. you can deposit weeks up to 4 weeks prior to check in, full terms and conditions available here. However we are sometimes able to take deposits at short notice for popular times of year if we know we have members waiting to take that week. (entirely at our discretion) Please call +44 (0)345 608 6375 for more information.

Q18. Can I pay for my exchange only in GBP?

Prices are quoted in either GBP or Euro dependent on your country of residence. If you have a debit card in GBP but you live in France or other European country, you may request to pay in GBP and vice versa. Please call or email info.europe@7Across.com to change your "default" currency.



Q1. What is a credit?

A credit is received for each holiday property you 'bank' (deposit) with 7Across. That credit is then used along with the exchange fee to purchase your desired holiday.

Q2. How long does a credit last for?

A credit lasts for 3 years from the date your deposit is made. Plus you can book a holiday with a check in date after your credit expiry date as long as the booking is made before the credit expires.

Q3. My credit is about to expire/has expired, what can I do?

If your unable to make a booking before your credit expires (n.b. you can book a holiday with a check in date that is after the expiry date of your credit as long as it is booked before your credit expires) you can extend the credit life for 6 months from the expiry date for just £65.00.

Members with Gold Advantage recieve a discount of £30.00 when they extend their credit.

Give us a ring on +44 (0)345 608 6375 and we'll happily assist with your credit extensions.

Q4. Can I deposit any week to receive a credit?

As long as your resort meets our minimum requirements and you can give us 4 weeks notice prior to the week's check-in date we will normally accept any deposit you make. If you are trying to deposit at short notice please ring us to see if we can make an exception.

Q5. How do I view my current credits?

Visit the Holiday Credits section on the website to view all your transactions including currently available credits.

Q6. I've deposited my week but I can't see my credit.

When you deposit your week, we check with the resort that the management fees have been paid before confirming your credit. Although we do this as fast as we can, it can take a little while contacting resorts before we're able to approve your deposit and place a credit on your account.

Q7. I've recently sold my holiday property but I still have some unused credits, can I still use them?

Yes, as long as the credits haven't expired, you can still use them even though you no longer have a holiday property.


Bonus Weeks

Q1. What is a Bonus Week?

Bonus Weeks are usually customer's weeks that have been deposited into the 7Across system. The majority are weeks that haven't been taken as an exchange and to avoid these going vacant, they become available to our members six weeks prior to the check-in date as late availability without the need to use their holiday credit.

We also offer weeks in advance of the six week cut off that we know will be in excess of exchange demand. Having worked very closely with our members and resorts since our opening in 1999, we are adept at predicting how much exchange demand there will be at each resort for a particular unit size, during a specific time period. When the resort space available for that resort exceeds predicted demand, we make that excess available as Bonus Weeks alongside the usual exchange option.

If you have Gold Advantage you get a discount of £10.00 off every Bonus Week.

Q2. Can I take a week advertised as a Bonus Week as an exchange?

For the majority of Bonus Weeks, yes you can, you then pay only the exchange fee and your holiday credit and not the advertised Bonus Week price. Please note, some Bonus Weeks are only available as a Bonus Week.

Q3. Can I take a week advertised as an exchange as a Bonus Week?

No, as we’re an exchange company, our priority is helping our members make the exchanges they want.

Q4. Can I buy a Bonus Week on behalf of my Family/Friends?

Yes you may use Bonus Weeks for family and friends, however, when you do this "you" take responsibility for their actions while using the holiday accommodation.

Q5. How many Bonus Weeks can I have?

As many as you like. If there is a Bonus Week available on our web site and you get in first, it's yours.

Q6. Do I pay an exchange fee as well as the Bonus price listed?

No, you only pay the bonus price listed for the week you are going to use.

Q7. How far in advance can I book a Bonus Week?

Bonus Weeks are nearly always late availability, so you can usually only book them quite close to the holiday start date. However in some instances Bonus Weeks may be available further in advance of the check in date.

Q8. Can I take a Bonus Week if I no longer own a holiday property?

Yes, we understand that our members love owning holiday property but sometimes circumstances change and you may find yourself between ownership, therefore as a 7Across member you’re still eligible to take as many Bonus Weeks as you wish.

Q9. Can I take a Bonus Week without joining 7Across?

No, Bonus Weeks are only available for eligible members of 7Across and their families.


Holiday Requests

Q1. What is a holiday request?

7Across is a request driven company and it's our job to find the holiday you want. All members can place one free exchange holiday request. Once made, if a suitable week becomes available we will send you an email notifying you that the week is available to book by logging onto the website.

Please note that we cannot hold these weeks for you. If you upgrade to Gold Advantage we will hold the week for you and contact you by phone. Gold Advantage also allows you to place more than one request.

All members with Gold Advantage will be offered the weeks before any email notifications are sent to members with one free request.

Q2. How far in advance can I put my Holiday Exchange Request on?

For standard members, we recommend putting your Holiday Exchange Request on up to 2 years in advance, requests can't be made within a month of the check-in date. If you have Gold Advantage, as far in advance as you like. The earlier you place your request, the more chance we have of fulfilling that request.

Q3. How do I make the most of my Holiday Request?

  1. Try to narrow down the area and dates you want where possible.
  2. Avoid limiting your request to one specific resort.
  3. Be aware that key dates at popular resorts are heavily sought after.
  4. Use the ‘Special Request’ box to add any information you feel will help with your request, such as ‘I require a ground floor’ or ‘anywhere in Algarve except resort x & y as I’ve already been there’.

N.B. If you require a specific resort or area, please visit our Resorts and Profile page first to confirm they're obtainable through 7Across.


Gold Advantage

Q1. What is Gold Advantage?

Gold Advantage allows members to place multiple holiday requests, receive priority notification when a request is matched and have their requests actively sourced by our Gold Advantage customer service team along with many other benefits. Click here for the list of benefits including discounts and special offers.

Q2. If I no longer own holiday property or timeshare can I still take out Gold Advantage?

No, Gold Advantage is only for members with a holiday or timeshare property that they are able to deposit in to the exchange system.



Resort Rentals

Q1. What are Resort Rentals?

Timeshare resort management companies often have unsold weeks that they need to rent in order to gain income for the resort, so that owners at that resort do not have to subsidise those unsold weeks with higher maintenance fees. The resort management sets the rental price which is usually a special deal for 7Across members but sometimes can be the standard rental price.Individual timeshare owners cannot advertise their week for rent through 7Across.

Q2. Can I take a Resort Rental as an exchange?

No. Resort Rentals must be rented for the price stipulated as they are unsold weeks that belong to the resort management company. They have not been deposited for exchange and are advertised for rental only.

Q3. Are you renting Exchange Weeks?

7Across is an exchange company. Any week deposited by any member is left in the exchange pool for other members with exchange credits to choose and use. They only become a Bonus Week for 7Across members to rent when it is believed that they will go unused. These late availability weeks are promoted at discounted rates.

Q4. Can I cancel Resort Rentals?

Yes – as per our Bonus Week and Rental Terms and Conditions, click here.

Q5. Why are there prices in GBP and EURO?

Resort Rentals are quoted in the currency of the destination property. Your credit or debit card company will convert into your local currency at the exchange rate on the day of the transaction.



Contact Issues

Q1. I've been contacted by someone claiming to be from 7Across. How do I know it's genuine?

7Across is careful to treat the privacy of its members with care and due regard, any caller that uses the 7Across brand name will be able to provide you with your contact details as proof, if needed. If this isn’t the case please end the call and call us on +44 (0)345 608 6375 and we’ll be able to verify the call.

If you receive any suspicious calls regarding your timeshare ownership please contact EUROC for clear advice - click here.

Please click here to view our Privacy Policy.

Q2. How do I contact you?

If you are in need of assistance when you’re on your 7Across holiday, please talk to the reception or check in area as they are there to help in the first instance, alternatively contact us on +44 (0)345 608 6375 9am – 5pm, Mon – Fri.

If your query has not been answered above please email, info.europe@7Across.com. Please note this email isn’t constantly monitored, so for any urgent queries please call us.

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